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From Direct Response Copywriter To Funnel Consultant & Strategist
Hi this is Scott Dudley, and my journey towards being a funnel consultant has been an interesting. 

I was born in Melbourne, Australia and after completing an IT certificate in the late 90's I worked at a variety of places as a data analyst. 

The majority of this work involved designing software to create reports, and slice and dice data to provide valuable business insights. 

It also included building a fully functional database for the government to help manage the contractors they were hiring. 

Around 2012 I started to realise that what I was doing was not going to provide me the income or the satisfaction that I wanted, and I decided to study direct response copywriting with the idea that I would start to do it part time on the side, whilst I kept my day job. 

After a lot of hard work and perseverance, I managed to land a few clients and kept my rates low. Things progressed well and I managed to acquire one long term client who gave me a lot of work and was not shy to give feedback on what could be improved. 

Whilst this wasn't always a bed of roses, it allowed me to quickly improve to the point where I knew I was a decent copywriter. 

Then in late 2014, I made the bold decision to quit my day job and become a full time freelance copywriter. In hindsight, I really wasn't ready to go full time and for the first year or so it's fair to say I struggled. 

I didn't make much money but the experience and freedom was invaluable. I didn't want to be stuck in traffic every day and have to turn up to a workplace. So I soldiered on. 

I then discovered the freelancer site, Upwork, and other places and things managed to eventually pick up.  I even spent about 6 months working with Perry Marshall's chief copywriter, John Fancher.... which was great experience. 
It was early 2017 when I realised I wanted to branch out into other things, and became fascinated with funnels, Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels. 

I read both of Russell's books over and over again and knew this something that I could combine with my copywriting skills. 

It was around this time that I transitioned from a copywriter to a funnel builder. 

I managed to land a consistent flow of clients who needed someone to map out the funnel strategy, write the sales copy and create the pages .

Some of these funnels were huge successes, with one client making over 6 figures from a quiz funnel I created. 

All of these clients were using ClickFunnels, and it allowed me to master the platform quite quickly. 

I could see it was MUCH more than just a page builder. I realised it was an excellent system for entrepreneurs to run their entire businesses on. In short, I loved using it! 
Then in January 2018 I was listening to a Russell Brunson podcast and heard him talking about the ClickFunnels team. 

The idea then popped in my head to visit their website and see if they had a careers page, which they did. I put plenty of effort into a decent application, and within two weeks I was in. 

This meant I was now spending 50-60 hours a week inside of ClickFunnels and within 6 months I had well over a thousand hours of experience with the platform.

Meanwhile, I was still building funnels for clients on the side and also doing various copywriting jobs as well. 

Then without looking for it, a couple of clients approached me for some funnel consulting. I quickly realised that I enjoyed the consulting work and helping clients with advice, than I did actually doing the work.

So I made the decision to not build any more funnels or write copy for clients, and instead purely focus on consulting in my spare time when not on official  ClickFunnels duty.  

So now that I've covered my story, let's talk about what all of this means for you, and how I can help you...
If you're a coach, consultant, professional service provider or an expert of any description... then I can help you to map out the strategy of your business, write compelling sales copy, build your funnel, setup your tracking and become proficient at the ClickFunnels platform. Plus, I can help you to build your brand and create what Russell calls the "attractive character". 

So you've really only got 3 choices..

1) You can work out how to do everything yourself. This is the free otpion, but it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out everything you need to know about running a thriving business online. 

2) You can pay a funnel builder to do it all for you. This option means the least amount of effort on your part... but to pay someone capable of doing it properly, you'd easily be looking at $10,000 + (if not 6 figures). True, you could find someone to do it cheaply, but the chances of it succeeding are close to zero. If you have a lot of money to spend then this is a good option for you... but the truth is most people don't. 

3) You can hire a credible funnel consultant to advise you on what to do. This option will cost a tiny fraction of what Option 2 will cost you... and you'll have the benefit of learning how to do it yourself. This knowledge you build up lasts a lifetime and means you don't have to learn 100 things at once, like in Option 1. Plus, you can stop the sessions when you feel you have learned enough to do everything on your own. 

Everybody's situation is different, but the benefits of working with a funnel consultant are clear. You avoid the pitfalls of struggling on your own in Option 1, and you also avoid paying ridiculously high fees to a funnel builder. With Option 3 you get to learn from an expert in real time for an affordable price. 
Scott Dudley
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