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Funnel Builder & Strategic Consultant For Australian Coaches, Consultants & Freelancers 
Why Bother Hiring The Funnel Fella?
If you're selling professional services or information products then you need an optimised online sales funnel to bring in targeted leads, and then strategically introduce them to your value ladder. 

The Funnel Fella's consulting is primarily based around the methods taught in best selling books, Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets, written by Russell Brunson. 

Here's what I can help you with as a funnel builder / consultant:
  • ​Getting clear on who your target audience is (and isn't)
  • ​Creating lead magnets to bring these people into your front end funnel 
  • ​Creating your value ladder for profit maximisation
  • ​Understanding how to create the right offers for cold, warm and hot traffic
  • ​Creating your attractive character so you can build a large following 
  • ​Email segmentation, sequences and automation
  • ​Strategising which types of funnels you need for the front, middle and backend of your value ladder
  • ​Critiquing your funnels for both sales copy and page design 
  • ​Creating the script for your "Perfect Webinar" presentation 
  • ​Setting up tracking properly using Google Tag Manager, UTM tags and Facebook Pixels
  • ​Using Google Analytics and split testing to understand what is working and what isn't 
  • ​Setting up retargeting properly to target specific audiences to improve conversions 
  • ​Conversion Rate Optimisation to make more money with the same ad spend 
  • ​Technical advice on how to "get everything working correctly" in ClickFunnels 
  • ​Setting up a fully functioning membership site to deliver your content 
  • ​Create affiliate programs to bring in extra income from your current customers
These are all things that can get confusing and waste a ton of your precious time and money if you don't know what you're doing. 

So rather than struggle and try to figure it yourself, you can hire a professional who literally has thousands of hours experience with all of the above.

The alternative of course is to pay someone to do all the work for you. But let's face it, 99% of freelancers won't care as much about your business as you do... and therefore won't go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect. 

But with a consultant advising you on what you need to do, you can quickly get up to speed for a small fraction of the cost of hiring a funnel builder... and learn how to do it at the same time. 

Eventually, you won't need the consultant anymore and will be able to quickly and easily do EVERYTHING yourself. 
What Others Are Saying...
Of the dozens of copywriters I work with on a day to day basis, I keep Scott on ‘speed dial’ because he genuinely makes my life easier. 

He takes the time to research new industries and businesses before putting pen to paper, he puts together compelling messages that match the unique voice we require, and he’s driven to produce an end product that’s in line with my (and his own) high expectations.

But his writing chops are just one part of the package. He goes above and beyond to understand what you need, how it will fit within budget, and then bend over backwards to get the job done on time and to spec. 

I highly recommend Scott for anyone looking for direct response copy.
Kieron Brown
Marketing Manager
Scott has been working with our digital marketing agency for about twelve months, as a freelance contractor. During this time, we’ve thrown dozens of copywriting briefs at Scott... varying in complexity, industry, and copy type. He’s a versatile, effective copywriter and his work - particularly his direct response email copywriting - has produced very strong results for our clients. He is fast, reliable and also easy to work with. We’ll continue to work with Scott, and I have no hesitation in recommending him. 
Ben Sweetlove 
Senior Digital Strategist
Marketing Results Australia
Scott Dudley's strengths are in analytical research, copywriting and use of technology and online systems. 

Scott is also a very reliable and dependable person. I have enjoyed working with him on various projects.
Mark Fregnan
Business Development Manager
Axia Accounting Australia
Having worked with Scott on various projects i can highly recommend him to look after your content and copywriting requirements. 

Scott has a very approachable style and great work ethos to getting his work done with accuracy and attention to detail.
If you are looking to work with a professional, get in touch with Scott.
Aaron Crossin
Marketing Director & Consultant
Upcoach Business Growth Programs
"Scott is an absolute PRO when it comes to sales funnels. Definitely will have more work for him in the future!" - Josh E

"Scott was SO HELPFUL to me. I needed help with ClickFunnels, and he was able to sort out everything quickly & efficiently. I had built a funnel, but there were a number of issues, so Scott rebuilt it and also helped me set up my email integration on CF. He sent videos so I understood what he had done. He was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely hire him again. Scott is at the real deal! He knows his stuff. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! :-)" - Lynne M

"Very well rounded knowledge in CF, will be hiring again in the near future" - Iliyan D

"Scott did a great job with the work we needed. Will engage again in the future." - Justin P

"Scott was able to create a handful of great emails that were engaging and profitable following a system he knows that delivers." - Josh B

"This went quick! Scott was easy to work with, and did an excellent job the first time around. Don't hesitate to use his services." - John L
An Example Of Some Of The Skills 
I Bring To The Table If You Hire Me...
Customer Acquisition Specialist
There's no point having outstanding sales copy on your page if you're not getting enough targeted (ie the right people) visitors to go there. 

Digital Marketer are one of the most well known and respected internet marketing training centres on the planet.  

This course went through the basics of how to approach traffic to minimise wastage and increase conversions. 
CXL Certified Optimiser
This monster qualification was earned by completing 160+ hours of rigorous conversion optimisation, user experience and digital analytics training. 

Conversion optimisation is a powerful skill that enables you to make more money from the traffic you are already getting, without having to increase ad spend. 

Ecommerce Growth
There are only 3 ways to grow an ecommerce company: (1) increase the number of customers, (2) increase the average order value (AOV), or (3) increase the average number of purchases per customer.

The beauty of these is that they multiply. A mere 30% increase in each of the three levers, more than possible in a year, doubles the company. 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 = 220%.
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager makes it easy to deploy third-party tracking scripts, and gives you the power to set up tracking without having to rely on a developer.

By using GTM you can 10x your effectiveness as a marketer because it gives you power and control over your data measurement.

Google Analytics
90% of Google Analytics configurations are broken
Do you trust your data? Do you deeply understand what your data means, how it is collected, and what you can answer with it?

Most marketers are not measuring everything that needs to be measured, and the data they are collecting isn’t reliable. Data-driven decisions aren’t worth a thing if the data can’t be trusted.

Sales Page Copywriting 
There's no point in spending money on traffic if you are sending them to a page that doesn't give visitors what they wanted when they clicked on your ad. 

Without a clearly communicated value proposition, and benefits that get quickly the pique the attention of the prospect you've little chance of persuading them to do anything. Compelling sales copy is mandatory to get a page to convert.
UX & Usability 
Is the design of your website making it is easy as possible for your visitors to either opt-in or purchase what you are selling. 

Little things like buttons, slow loading pages and confusing forms can make a big difference to your conversions. 

If you don't provide a good user experience you will be leaving money on the table.  
Google Data Studio
Everybody knows the most important part of running of a company is keeping track of critical metrics that reveal how the business is performing on a daily basis. 

With digital marketing the problem is your numbers are usually scattered across multiple platforms and it's difficult to work out the broad picture.

I'll be able to show you how to create powerful one page reports in Data Studio that provide all the info you need. 
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