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FREE One Hour Funnel Consultation - Valued At $200*
This consultation will provide you a clear blueprint on how to get started with funnels, so you can become profitable as soon as possible... even if you don't currently have any products, or experience or have never even created a funnel. All you need is a burning ambition to succeed. 
* To be eligible you must follow the instructions I provide on the next page
Funnel Fella's Services
Funnel Consulting & Strategy For Coaches, Experts & Professional Service Providers With The ONLY ClickFunnels Employee In Australia*
*All services offered on this website are personal services rendered, and are NOT representing ClickFunnels in any way
Single Consultation (1 hour @ AU$60 each)
This is perfect if you have a few issues you need help with but don't plan on getting ongoing help. 

Maybe you just want your funnel critiqued. Maybe you have a few technical issues that are stopping you from launching. Or maybe you want some high level strategy to help you get started. 

Whatever it is a Single Consultation will help you to solve specific issues in your funnel. Of course you can always book multiple consultations, but if you plan on having 4 consultations or more you would be better off choosing the monthly option, which you can cancel at any time. 
Monthly Consulting (4 x 1hr sessions @ AU$200)
This is for those that would prefer an ongoing long-term commitment to work together to formulate and executive a strategic plan, based on data, psychology, and creativity.

The monthly plan works out cheaper than single consultations, and you are not locked into anything... as you can cancel at anytime. It also includes email communication back and forth.

This is the ideal solution for marketers who want to have somebody look over their shoulder, and provide useful advice on what they could do to improve their funnels. 
Funnel Critique (AU$100 each)
If you have a funnel that you would like to have professionally critiqued and analysed, this service is for you. 

I'll go through your funnel with a fine tooth comb and provide advice on strategy, sales copy, user experience, and tech issues to help you optimise the funnel for maximum performance. 

The goal is obviously to improve conversion rates, and increase your average cart value to put more money in your pocket. 
Headline Service (AU$60 each)
If you need a great headline for a promotion then this service will save you a ton of time and frustration. 

The headline is the most important part of any promotion, because if the prospect doesn't get past the headline there is zero chance of getting them to buy. 

By simply answering 10 questions I will produce over 100 useful headlines for you... and pull out the cream of the crop with the best 10 headlines, including the 2 or 3 that I recommend you use.  
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